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The effect of yam


Yam is often seen in our daily life a nourishing ingredients, its nutritional value is very rich, but also cheap and fine, so are the public's favor. Then you know the effect of yam? Do you know what are the practice of Chinese yam? Do you know how to do eat yam? Small make up today to tell you a yam has six big magical efficacy, hurriedly and see it.
The spleen antidiarrheal
Diarrhea is a common disease in the winter, some are functional, has nothing to do with bacteria, virus, there is no need to use antibiotics, such as Chinese yam can play a role. And have obvious effect to mould sex diarrhea also, cooking yam, 500 grams per day, two or three times to eat. If can be ground into powder, every time eat 15 g.
Boosting physical
At ordinary times body empty, yam, not hot, but not dry temperature, the most suitable for the elderly, often eat good, eat yam 100 grams a day, eat 1 ~ 2 months in a row, with quantitative change and qualitative change, slow for work.
Fill lung dryness
A long illness is deficient chronic cough, can eat yam to reconcile. Chinese yam is a natural perfect lung dryness, is in clinical treatment of lung deficiency chronic cough, calamities of false asthma medicine.
Shibuya fine check urine
Spermatorrhea, frequent urination is caused by kidney empty, yam tonifying spleen, kidney, eat yam in advance, can nip in the bud, is of great benefit to the winter easy to aggravate the disease. How to eat simple, informal, to secret.
Solid acerbity check with
Women leucorrhea increase, colorless, odorless, can eat yam with smelting. Yam has good function of spleen wet and solid acerbity check with, whether it is taken down pixu (spleen deficient) or kidney empty down, long yam must work.
Skin remove dry
Yam can oneself dryness, has the function that nourishes the skin and hair, have hairdressing effect. Autumn to dry skin, make the person hair withered, the appearance of China, so eat yam, moist skin and hair. Can use the 500 g yam cooked porridge, often drink sooner or later.
Skills: Fried yam smooth pitting stew
The market has a variety of yam, skin smooth taste palate is more brittle, suit to eating Fried, such as yam fry black fungus. Epidermis and some yam curved surface, uneven, pitting is more, hair must be more strong, the yam taste soft, suit to stew soup, congee, and for dessert.

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