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Gordon euryale efficacy and function


Gordon euryale seed is a food and drug of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as symbols, such as head of a dog than the tail of a lion spathe. Gordon euryale seed nutrition is rich, not only to eat, there are certain medicinal effect, can be made into diet and health products. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of Gordon euryale seed for kidney astringent extract, tonifying spleen antidiarrheal, sedative, attending disease such as diabetes, edema, pixu (spleen deficient).
1, fill in beneficial gas
To nourish the robustness, and lotus seed some similar, but Gordon euryale seed the convergence of fixed effect is better than a lotus seed, suitable for chronic diarrhea and frequency of urine, nocturnal emission semen leakage, women take more lumbar acid, etc.
2, spermatorrhea semen leakage
Weak infantile enuresis, old people pee frequency] Gordon euryale seed 15 grams, Cherokee rose 12 grams, dodder, semen plantaginis each 9 g, water decoction. Frequency of urine and spermatorrhea. With autumn stone, two two white poria cocos, Gordon euryale seed, lotus seeds, a total of research for the late. Add steamed date made into balls, such as the child. Take three pills, each empty case, send the salt soup. The name "four fine pill".
3, chronic diarrhea (including chronic intestinal tuberculosis, even diarrhea, etc.)
Gordon euryale seed, lotus meat, yam, white hyacinth bean, barreled into fine powder, every time 30 to 60 grams, sugar steamed as a snack.
4, Gordon euryale seed gan dry flat, with solid renal astringent extract, the effect of tonifying spleen to stop leakage
5, Gordon euryale seed in China since ancient times as the eternal youth vigor, prevent premature aging of the good things
6, gonorrhea
With Gordon euryale seed powder, white poria cocos. Yellow wax and honey as the balls. If the child is big. Take the pill, each sent under salt soup. This Fang Dian "distinguish pills".

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