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Smoking sedentary is equal to the "new" teach you chair up and fitness


When work is a butt sitting in a chair just don't want to move where? You are not a man! Research shows that only one 5 of the people to be able to stand up and walk around at work, go off work after the "courage" 3% of the people who go to the gym, have less to the poor.
The daily mail reported that some experts warned that sedentary is the new smoking, hope people can do more sports every day. They therefore sets up a set of office setting-up exercise. Such as when sitting on a stool can do some simple chest expansion; Answer the call when forcibly pointing your toes, stretching the calf muscles. Each time you turn back, hard one walking back of the chair, armrest, one hand live in lumbar muscle activity. Stand behind you, or you can lift my leg do wall pushups.
Another important reason is that the office must remember to keep the back straight posture, it on your back, shoulders and other joints are of great benefit.

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