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Taboo in ginkgo biloba bubble water to drink


Old Chinese medicine tells us that the main effect of ginkgo biloba is promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and the folding of the lung pain, on lung deficiency cough, blood pressure, anti coagulation and coronary heart disease and angina has very good therapeutic effect. But you know, the ginkgo leaves also has certain taboo bubble water to drink, if no notice is easy to threat to health. Today, small make up together with everybody about ginkgo leaves the taboo of bubble water to drink, to know!
Taboo in ginkgo biloba bubble water to drink Experts tell us, if you want to pass to ginkgo biloba bubble water to drink to treat high blood pressure or heart disease, it is not science, not only can make the disease disappeared, perhaps even harm to health. Specific as follows:
1, the ginkgo ginkgo biloba contains more acid, this substance is contain certain toxicity. Scientists found through experiments, it directly without any processing of the ginkgo biloba contains ginkgo acid content is very high. In addition, ginkgo acid has certain solubility in water, after bubble water to drink not only didn't think it is helpful for health of body fat and ginkgo ginkgo brass, and ginkgo acid content is very rich, vile indeed for the body.
2, the side effects of ginkgo biloba is relatively large, if eat many poisoning can cause the body appear, the main symptom is muscle twitch, and the pupil will enlarge.

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