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Cardiovascular diet should pay attention to


A, meat and vegetable dish is reasonable collocation, with fresh vegetables give priority to dietary fat, fat, and some foods that are rich in cholesterol, such as pig brain, liver, eggs, fish roe, crab roe, squid, cream and so on, contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, more amount of intake can lead to blood cholesterol increases, and prompted the development of coronary heart disease. And plant-based oils containing unsaturated fatty acids, which have the effect of lower blood cholesterol, prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD). Have data suggest, through strict control of the amount of dietary intake of animal fat, reduce the proportion of saturated fat, increase unsaturated fat ingredients, can reduce serum cholesterol by about 10%, 30% lower triglycerides.
Fresh vegetables contain rich vitamin and cellulose, beneficial to patients with bolted. Vitamins material helps to lower cholesterol and plant fiber can increase the excretion of cholesterol, reduce blood cholesterol levels, so as to reduce or prevent hardening of the arteries, effective prevention and treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel.
To point out that because of the high blood cholesterol is an important factor of hypertension, coronary heart disease occurs, so people have a fear on cholesterol, which exclude many nutrition food from the table, this is don't have to. As long as do Luo collocation, appropriate to eat foods high in cholesterol is still can be. High cholesterol food intake, not immediately into the cholesterol in the blood in the body, need to have a absorption and synthesis process. This process, some food cholesterol by the liver for metabolism, partly through the intestinal excretion in vitro. If reasonable collocation, increase the excretion, reduce synthetic quantity, is the ability to lower blood cholesterol concentration. Such as pork liver, side dishes can use some vegetables rich in cellulose, can close spinach, carrots, celery, bean sprouts, garlic sprout, such as burning fire, so that it can promote the intestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal wall for the absorption of dietary cholesterol, make it out of the body.
Therefore, cardio-cerebrovascular disease patient's diet should pay attention to, appropriate meat to eat less, to strictly abide by the lower animal fat, low cholesterol diet requirements, to control the daily intake of animal fat within 20% of the total quantity of heat, especially fresh vegetables can eat more vegetables.
2, eat much food less, good control of food intake of the human body heat mainly come from proteins, fats and carbohydrates, with more than protein exists in animal foods such as lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and so on, plant-based foods such as beans and bean products in the content is also high. Fat more than exist in edible oil and fat. More than carbohydrates exist in grains and root vegetables. Such as indulge appetite, food intake over the heat need of the body, will turn into fat accumulation in the body, make people fat, blood fat increased, to hardening of the arteries. TCM motto "food from times, intestines and stomach is hurt," said is often feed, will damage the gastrointestinal function, lead to the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases. Should also see that the long-term overeating, excess body fat, can make blood lipid increased, leading to atherosclerosis. So according to the different weight and control food intake. Excess weight must reduce quantity of heat. According to the calculation, 50 grams of the prosperous or rice flour can produce quantity of heat of 175 kilocalorie, if eat every day 0.4 kg, can produce quantity of heat of 1400 kilocalorie, coupled with the right amount of meat, beans, beans, vegetables and other fusi, almost enough calories a day.
When it comes to control appetite, have to stress is that eating dinner too full or too late, especially after eating fatty foods, encourages the deposition of cholesterol in the artery wall, prompted the happening of arteriosclerosis. Therefore, to control the intake of supper, grasp the dining time.
For cardiovascular patients meals. According to the survey found that the crowd of different meal times under the condition of the same total quantity of heat, the two meals a day in one third of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, only 1/5 sick to eat five meals a day. Meal times in 3 times a day, or 3 times the following the crowd, obese patients (57.2%), cholesterol levels were 51.2%, and in five or more, the number of meals per day, obese patients (28.8%), partial high cholesterol accounted for 17.9%. To be, the longer fasting, cause the greater the likelihood of body fat accumulation, disease of heart head blood-vessel patients diet to eat much food less as well.

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