Why is disease of heart head blood-vessel to be prevented


Human body with the increase of age, all kinds of organization gradually aging, especially of heart head blood-vessel, 60-70 - year - old output in the elderly compared with 20 to 30 people, reduce about 20% - 20%, cerebral cortex cells decreases about 25%; Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebral infarction and obviously increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality and morbidity also will increase, caused a burden to family and society. Want to delay the onset of physiological aging process and heart cerebrovascular disease, it is necessary to give priority to in order to prevent. Can adopt the following methods:
(1) keep the good thought emotion, adherence to the rule is to prevent cardio-cerebral vascular disease of the internal basic conditions. The elderly have a bright and cheerful disposition, optimistic, emotional stability, the law of life is very important, on the contrary, irritability, loneliness, depression, sentimental easy hormone leels in the blood, vasospasm, thrombosis. So must emphasize the nervous system, endocrine system's influence on human health, which changes the mental factors for normal physiological regulation, rather than risk factors.
(2) a good living habit, get rid of the unhealthy behavior is an essential condition and prevent cardio-cerebral vascular disease. Various research prove that nutrition is closely related to life and nature, like eating fatty, partial salty sweet lovers are not conducive to the elderly health, reason should be emphasized the importance of the elderly low fat, low calorie diet, and should be rich in protein, vitamin, trace element and crude fiber food is given priority to. In recent years has been carry out a low salt diet can reduce the degree of osteoporosis, restore the hardened artery elasticity, and emphasizes on a low salt diet in the prevention and treatment of hypertension in terms of importance, so a low salt diet is also one of the conditions of senile cardio-cerebrovascular disease prevention. Other bad behavior such as smoking drinking should try to remove, because tobacco contains many ingredients make the heart cerebral vasospasm induced easily cardio-cerebral vascular disease; Advocates the movement to enhance physical fitness, prolong life, appropriate physical activity for the elderly is very necessary.
(3) regular physical examination, monitoring blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar levels. Old people should do physical examination once a year, and to the blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar monitoring, especially when there are various stimulating factors (such as the mood change, the change of exercise), the body are often more detailed inspection should be done in a stress state. Older people often have different degree of hardening of the arteries, lipid, carbohydrate metabolism, increased blood viscosity, erythrocyte deformation capacity low, easy to make thrombosis, reason alone due monitoring, timely adjustment according to the situation.
(4) coronary artery cardio-cerebrovascular disease to active treatment, strictly abide by the doctor's advice. According to the illness condition choose calcium antagonists, converting enzyme inhibitors, beta blockers and nitroglycerin drugs, blood pressure control in 150 k PA) (20-19/12-140/90 mmHg, dizziness, headache, chest tightness and palpitate the area before the heart pain symptoms, during the period of treatment, drug and variety, dosage and use method should strictly follow the doctor's advice, cannot be stopped without medicine, medicine and drugs, for a long time to take disease of heart head blood-vessel drugs sudden withdrawal is easy to cause adverse side effects, especially beta blockers and nitrate medications. Risk of cardio-cerebrovascular disease itself is not terrible, ignore the treatment and prevention of role and incorrect treatment is the most terrible, so these patients will often go to see a doctor, under the guidance of treatment, and reduce the mortality and morbidity of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. For patients with high cholesterol, high blood sugar, can be used cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as niacin, clofibrate drugs; Hypoglycemic drugs such as glibenclamide and metformin, phenformin, bring down blood lipids in the normal range, the blood sugar under control in 7-8 tendency for L, keep good body environment, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel of recurrence rate.

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