How to prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel


(a) a reasonable diet
With the improvement of people's living standard in our country, the quality of life of residents continue to improve. But there are many people diet not science, think big fish big meat is the improvement of life quality, actually otherwise. People's health, diet should also be different. The following diet habit suggest cardiovascular patients.
1, increase fiber diet, dietary fiber has the effect of lowering serum cholesterol concentration. Dietary fiber content rich food mainly coarse grains, rice bran, wheat bran, dried beans, seaweed, vegetables, fruits, etc., daily intake of fiber 35 g - 45 grams is advisable. Common food which has the function of lipid-lowering and Onions, garlic, mushroom, black fungus, celery, etc.
2, eat soy products, soy lecithin rich in a variety of human body must inside. Often tofu, bean sprouts and bean curd cake, soybean oil, soy products are beneficial to human body health, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel.
3, in addition should be appropriate to reduce fat and cholesterol intake, daily fat intake should be strictly limited in no more than 30 grams or below accounted for 15% of total calories. Cholesterol intake should be controlled under 200 mg, 300 mg daily. Try to avoid high cholesterol foods, such as animal brain, spinal cord, liver, egg yolk, shellfish (such as: clam), software (e.g., squid, cuttlefish, roe).
(2) of life science
1, strengthen the sports Exercise 1 hour a day, when the heart rate is not more than 170 with age, the difference between the micro and ACTS in the body sweat, don't feel tired, feeling the body after exercise is easy, adhere to the activity of not less than five days a week, persistent.
2, quit alcohol Long-term smoking drinking alcohol can interfere with lipid metabolism, make the blood fat rise. 3, avoid any mental stress Emotional, insomnia, overwork, irregular life, anxiety, depression, these factors can make the lipid metabolism disorders. The elderly don't long playing mahjong, chess, keep calm, less angry.
(3) as far as possible interfere with lipid metabolism of drugs, such as beta-blockers, propranolol, diuretics, double hydrogen grams of urine plug, furosemide, steroids, etc., all can make the blood fat rise.
(4) positive treatment effect on lipid metabolism related diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, nephrotic syndrome, alcohol poisoning, acute pancreatitis, lupus erythematosus (sle), etc., can interfere with lipid metabolism.
(5) regular physical examination, 45 years old of above middle age, family history of obesity, hyperlipidemia, often to eat dinner party, highly stressed workers, are at high risk of object, should be checked regularly (at least once a year), blood lipid, blood pressure, etc. Winter diet party "to eat" : to have chills are afraid of cold, shortness of breath, fatigue and other symptoms belonging to deficiency of Yang deficiency of cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients, to choose some GanWen benefit the work of mutton, chicken, rabbit meat, longan and soy products; And has a quick temper, hand, foot and heart heat, eat less, and it dried, symptoms such as edema, belong to Yin deficiency with internal cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients, can choose some appropriate tonify deficiency, in addition to the heat, and organ function of duck, goose, and lily, Chinese yam, glutinous rice and green bean products.
Longan with the necessary human, glucose, protein and for easy absorption by human body use, glutinous rice can spleen nourishing the stomach, so as to achieve the goal of tonifying qi and blood. In the cold season to drink a bowl of glutinous rice with longan and red sage root of longan porridge is very good. Ginger, onion and so on is a winter supplements of the goods. Often eat ginger has long been seen as a particularly strong cardiovascular health and system is one of the key. Ginger is rich in gingerol, has certain stimulative effect to the heart and blood vessels, can make blood vessels to dilate, allowing smooth collaterals, supply is normal.
"Medicine" : patients can according to oneself circumstance for the doctor to suit the prescription. Of healthy qi, removing, invigorate the circulation work of traditional Chinese medicine, such as ginseng, astragalus membranaceus and salvia miltiorrhiza, angelica on body empty, loss of appetite, mental fatigue symptoms of cardiovascular patients is relatively appropriate. Have a striking lack of qi and blood of cardiovascular disease, winter can supplements gelatin; Are afraid of the cold, lumbar acid and Yang deficiency syndrome, can match the black sesame seed, walnut kernel; Taste the frail at ordinary times, can add dried tangerine or orange peel, yam decoction (dried tangerine or orange peel 10 grams, 15 grams of yam Fried), in case of hurt a stomach. All these products, or stewed chicken, braised duck, or boil soup. But there are also some old people, inside accumulate heat, characterized by upset impatience, red tongue, yellow greasy coating on the tongue, is not suitable for medicine.

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