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  • Name: Rhodiola P.E.

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Eucommia Ulmoides P.E.

Botanical Source

This product is Crassulaceae Rhodiola rosea。

Part used


Active Ingredient

Rhodiola rosea mainly contains Phenylpropanoids and Kind of flavonoids. Its UniqueChemical compositionis Phenylpropanoids, rosavin, rosin,rosarin,rhodiolin, Salidrosideand and its Aglycone, also named Tyrosol.  Rhodiola rose contains rosavin,rosin and rosarin.

Quality standard


Standard requirements


Brown or Brown red powder, smelling is  flavoring, taste bitter.

Particle Size


Sulphated Ash


Heavy metal


Arsenic salts


Solvent Residue


Total Plate Count







Salidroside 1%, 5%

Pharmacological Function

1. Depression: Rhodiola extracts effectively reduced or removed 65% of patients with depressive symptoms. Rhodiola extracts showed can ease pressure that caused by cardiovascular tissue injury and dysfunction. Rhodiola rosea adjust the heart beats and stop arrhythmia.
2.Effective antioxidant:Rhodiola rosea has effective antioxidant effective. It can prevent disease because of aging by limiting the adverse effects of the free radical damage.
3. Antitumor activity: Rhodiola extracts showed the potential as anti-cancer drugs, and will be very effective with several anticancer drugs.


Double plastic-bag inside, aluminum foil bag paper or fiber drum outside. N.W:25kg/drum


Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.