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  • Name: Black Rice P.E

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Botanical Source

Zizania caduciflora(Tu)Hand.-Mazz.
It is also called Indian millet,black peal,black glutinous rice,moon rice and so on.It mainly distributes in the south slope of Qinling,the north of Hanjiang

Part Used

Ripe fruit seeds. A lot of planting in northeast China, you can purchase all the year round

Active Ingredient


Quality Standard

Item      Standard Requirements

Appearance   Violet or Violet fine powder

Particle Size  80Mesh

Anthocyanindins:5%-30% (UV)
Anthocyanin:5%-30% (HPLC)
Extract Ratio:5:1 10:1 25:1 50:1

Sulphated Ash: 5%Max.

Heavy Metal:10ppm Max.

Total Plate Count:1000CFU/gm Max.

Yeast&Mold:100CFU/gm Max.


Pharmacological Function

.Nourishing yin and invigorating the kidney,strengthening the spleen,warming the liver,improving eyesight,promoting blood circulation and so on;Curing body weakness,dizziness,hyphemia ,the white hair,eye disease,soreness of waist and knee pain and lassitude of the extremities;Preventing cancer.


Double plastic-bag inside,aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside. N.W:25kg/drum


Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat