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  • Name: Mulberry extract

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Mulberry P.E(Morus alba L.)


Botanical Source

Movus alba L.,Morus nigra
From the genus Morus(morus alba)after finishing the mature ear,pressing,filtering.Residue was extracted after filtration,combined filtrate and residue extracts,refined,concentrated and finished.If then by vacuum drying or spray drying the obtained powder product

Part Used


Active Ingredient

          Proanthocyandins    Anthocyandins

Quality Standard

Item                Standard Requirements

Appearance           Red or Violet fine powder

Particle Size              80Mesh

5%-50%              Proanthocyandins:5%-50% (UV)
5%-25%                Anthocyandins:5%-25% (UV)
4:1 10:1 20:1         Extract Ratio:5:1 10:1 25:1 50:1

Sulphated Ash: 5%Max.

Heavy Metal:10ppm Max.

Total Plate Count:1000CFU/gm Max.

Yeast&Mold:100CFU/gm Max.



Pharmacological   Function

  1. Food Field:Suitable for natural edible red pigment, applicable to the partial acid food.
  2. Cosmetics Field:Apply to the lipstick, shampoo and tinting or complementary in blusher.
  3. Pharmaceutical Field:Instead of chemical synthetic pigment produce colored tablets.


Double plastic-bag inside,aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside. N.W:25kg/drum.


Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.